The Calgary Stampede has released its full lineup of tasty food and treats.

Over 50 snacks have been unveiled for the 2024 Midway, including items like the Korean Waffle, the Watermelon Burger, Lemon Meringue Donuts, Sour Candy Soft Serve, Cheeseburger Ice Cream, Giant Mozza Stick-on-a-Stick, Cookie Monster Churro Sundae and the Pickle Fry Poutine.

Stampede staff say the food and drinks will be split up between six lists, which is sure to satisfy fans of the so called "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth."

The six include: New Twists On Old Favourites, Treat Yo' Self, Pickly Your Poutine, It's Corn!, Add A Little Spice, and Drinkable Delights.

See the full list of food items, here

The Calgary Stampede will run from July 5-14.