Stephanie Nwoye is Holy Cross Collegiate's Valedictorian for the class of 2023, and her hard work and dedication towards her studies and track and field makes her very deserving of the title and the recognition.

Nwoye found out that she was the Valedictorian when she was called into the principal's office because he wanted to talk to her, much to her dismay at first.

"I never do anything wrong but every time I get pulled in there I get nervous. So he pulled me in and shook my hand because I won and it was close between me and two other students that I know of. He said I was a grade percent higher."

Nwoye was really happy to snag the title of Valedictorian because she has been working really hard for that her whole high school career.

"I am pretty proud of it and I have my speech all ready ready to go. Just got my English teacher to proofread it and I think I'm gonna send it in so that I can finalize it."

Post secondary school is something that Nwoye has worked hard to pursue.

"I'm going to the Okanogan campus at UBC because they didn't have the program I want in their Vancouver campus. I want to do Pre Med so I got accepted into the Faculty of Science and I am going to probably take an undergrad in the Bachelor of Science of Psychology, because it also fits my backup plan, and I know someone there who is currently taking the MCAT and stuff with that undergrad, so I know that it can help, and that's what my plan is for the future."

After Nwoye gets her undergrad she is hoping to get into medical school and become a psychiatric physician, but besides setting herself up for her future Nwoye is really dedicated to her athletic career in track and field.

"I train in Calgary and it's really demanding, but that's literally all I do. I just go to the gym, do track and field and do my school work."

Nwoye hasn't really decided if she will be doing track and field while she is enrolled at the University of British Columbia, as she knows she'll be quite busy with her studies but hopes to have time for track too.

Nwoye leaves off with a message to future students that are starting their high school career and want to get to where she is now.

"I know it might seem hard or difficult, but you just keep going, you can't just give up. Once in a while you're going to get a bad test, it's going to happen at some point in your high school career, I've gotten bad grades even this year... it's hard, it's tiring, but you just have to keep going and you can get there if you just put in the effort and never stop putting in the effort."

She will be graduating from Holy Cross Collegiate on June 10.

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