During a Wheatland County Council meeting on February 20, the Council approved changes to Recreation Policy 14.4, offering financial aid to non-profit groups operating community facilities in Wheatland County's hamlets and residential areas. 

To be considered for funding, the organization must be a registered non-profit organization, and the organization must be operating a community facility, program, or service that is publicly accessible and provides a direct benefit to county residents. 

For example, community halls or recreation facilities would be eligible. 

In 2023, $204,000 was awarded in grants to various community facilities in Wheatland County. 

“Wheatland County Council values the volunteers and resources that non-profit organizations operating community facilities provide for residents within our hamlets and residential communities. Wheatland County will provide operational and capital assistance to non-profit organizations operating community facilities, programs, or services that provide a public benefit to county residents via the Community Facilities Funding Grant Program,” it states in the policy. 

Organizations that operate within the following hamlets or residential communities can apply: 

  • Carseland 
  • Cheadle 
  • Cluny 
  • Dalum 
  • Gleichen 
  • Lyalta 
  • Namaka 
  • Nightingale 
  • Rosebud 
  • Any other area deemed appropriate by the majority of the council 

The following organizations and services are ineligible for funding under this policy: 

  • Religious societies registered under the Religious Societies Land Act 
  • Registered charitable organizations 
  • Professional associations 
  • Medical providers 
  • Research institutes 
  • Schools, school boards, or other groups associated with educational institutions 

The Community Facilities Funding Grant will be issued annually as part of the Wheatland County operating budget process. 

Grant applications are being accepted until April 8 and you can apply here.

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