The Chuckwagon season remains up in the air as drivers on the WPCA Tour are in the same boat as the rest of us, just watching and waiting.

High River's Jordie Fike says it was definitely strange not heading to the Stampede Tarp Auction last week.

"It was definitely different. Like, you're trying to prepare for it and get ready for it. But, you know it was just a kind of eerie feeling going into it anyway. So, definitely the Stampede made the right decision."

Fike, says with things still undecided he's going to go ahead and start training his horses and see where the chips fall.

"Yeah, we're going to go business as usual, get the horses in shape and then if a guy's got to try and find another source of income or something else, at least the horses are ready in case we do end up having a compressed season or something like that we're ready. But I mean, if we don't have a season I've got to pay a mortgage and feed these 38 mouths somehow."

Fike says he's not sure what's going to happen to the season as he hasn't heard anything from the WPCA.

He says he's talked informally to a few sponsors about coming on board this year but says with the possibility of no product to sell, he's not pushing too hard yet.

He says it's going to be a struggle to keep his horses fed with no money coming in.

"Yeah, we don't know what's going to happen. But, I mean everybody in the world's going through it, we're not the only ones. I don't like to give the "poor me" story because there's a lot of people worse off than us. We'll find a way to feed these horses and have them ready for another year if the season does end up cancelling."

So far no decision has been made one way or the other by either the WPCA or the Calgary Stampede.

The wagons are set to start racing Wednesday, May 27 in Grande Prairie.