The provincial government has fired four elected officials and three senior staff with the City of Chestermere.

The move comes after a lengthy investigation by the province early last year into how the city was being operated. The investigation highlighted strong division amongst city council, overreach by elected officials into administrative tasks and other 'irregular, improper and improvident' actions.

Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIver announced the dismissal of mayor Jeff Colvin, councillor Mel Foat, Blaine Funk, Stephen Hanley and three CAOs. 

“I am profoundly disappointed that it has come to this, but the people of Chestermere deserve better. This community should be able to have trust in its local elected government," said McIver.

McIver added councillors Shannon Dean, Sandy Johal-Watt and Ritesh Narayan were able to keep their positions as they attempted to hold the council to account and move in a positive direction. 

"The three councillors will remain as elected councillors but will have no role in the governance of the city until a byelection is held and council quorum is restored," the province said in a release. 

The ministerial order dismissing Chestermere council members and senior administration is effective immediately. An official administrator and interim CAO are in place to oversee the City of Chestermere’s governance and operations until a byelection is held to elect new councillors for the vacant positions at a date to be determined in 2024.