The 104.5 More Country Team visited Laura Sullivan's Grade 4A class at Trinity Christian Academy for the monthly pizza delivery from Boston Pizza!

Sullivan said this school year has been particularly great so far, as classes are back to being fully in-person, meaning students can work together on great projects and interact in ways that aren't possible online.

"The kids have worked really hard this year on our first science unit, which is waste in our world, so we talked about how we can protect God's creation and the kids have worked really hard and put together a presentation to educate the rest of the school about composting and recycling and reducing waste. So it was just really nice to see them be able to collaborate and actually go into the other classrooms and teach the younger kids and even the older kids about some of the things that they have learned," she said.

While the main project is wrapped up, Sullivan said the students will continue doing things related to reducing waste throughout the year, which she is excited for.

"They started the compost system at TCA and they are doing 'Wasteless Wednesday.' It's an initiative that they started to make the parents, community, teachers, and students really think about how much waste they're bringing in their lunches. We're aiming for Wednesday to be a completely wasteless day, so anything that you bring you should be able to take home or reuse and not have it end up in the trash."

Creating a cleaner world isn't all the class has to look forward to this year, as for Christmas they'll also be doing a postcard program where they send postcards all across the country and receive some from different schools as well!

Thanks to Boston Pizza for providing lunch each month to the winning classroom and to Audra Reinhardt with CIR Realty for sponsoring Classroom of the Month!

Congratulations to Laura Sullivan's Grade 4A class, if you want to see your classroom be nominated for Classroom of the Month you can do so here.

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