After feeling a warm push these past couple of weeks, Mother Nature has decided to send us spiraling back down into colder weather. 

As we get closer to the weekend we could be hit with some snow, and once we do hit the weekend things could really cool down. On Saturday we could be seeing as low as -14°C, which would be followed up with -16°C on Sunday. Meteorologist with Environment Canada Jenelle Gergely explains that the cold air has already settled over the Arctic in Northern Manitoba but as that polar front comes through, we are going to see the polar air spread across Saskatchewan and Alberta.  

Gergely added we could be in for the long haul with the cold weather.

“It's looking like February could be fairly cold specifically through the first week, we're seeing that cold air just settle. Once cold air moves in it is kind of hard to push it back out, you need a weather system to come through and push it out.” 

While we do have a couple more days of relatively warm temperatures, once we hit Saturday it looks like that'll stick around for the rest of the month and into February.

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