The deadline to file income taxes is fast approaching and with that, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning residents to keep an eye open for scams. 

"The most common types of scams that we're seeing are e-mail and text scams. My phone is getting blown up with these text messages claiming that they're from the CRA, oftentimes it tells me that I have a refund waiting," explained a spokesperson with the CRA, Adam Finley.

Residents will often get text messages with their full name and social insurance number that can look convincing.

"The CRA is never going to send your financial or personal information through text or e-mail."

According to Finley, there are a couple of options you can take if you think you are about to be scammed.

"I would go is the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, they can provide resources on how to protect yourself and report the scam. You can give a call to your local police, and I would also give a call to the CRA at our 800 number. There we can put some extra protections on your file."

Scammers target everyone but as Finley states they are more prone to target seniors and newcomers.

"Especially newcomers who come to the country and don't exactly know how everything works quite yet." 

There are a few things you should look out for, so you don't fall victim to a tax scheme. 

"The CRA is never going to threaten you with violence or arrests and is never going to tell you to pay us through gift cards or E-transfers. The only way that the CRA is going to communicate with people is through paper mail or email notifications telling you to check your CRA account." 

The deadline for filing your taxes is April 30 unless you or your partner are self-employed, then it's June 17.

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