Longtime Chestermere resident Cyndie Mcquat is running for the upcoming by-election.

Mcquat, who has seen the community grow to over 20,000 people says she has been a public servant for the last 27 years. 

"I am a paralegal with the Crown Prosecutor's office and handle major case files. I have raised my family in Chestermere for the last 26 years, and I love the community that we live in. That is why I am running for councilor." 

When asked what she would do if elected to regain the trust of Chestermere residents, she said that trust is earned in life. 

"I want residents to know that I am just like them. I do not have a background in engineering or anything like that. I have lived in the community for so long and have lived through all the growing pains." 

As part of the rapid growth, Mcquat says she has witnessed the negative impact on her children's education.

"My son shared the gymnasium of Prairie Waters Elementary School with four other classes due to overcrowding. I have lived through the problems of development with no infrastructure, and we are still facing them." 

Mcquat said that she also wants to advocate for her fellow seniors.

"I want to offer the services, amenities, and considerations to allow us to thrive."

When asked to elaborate more on her policy preferences, she said her policies are basically what everyone else wants. 

"We need more schools, and senior services are now near and dear to my heart."

Mcquat says that adding many apartments now will attract more people to Chestermere. 

"I think we're experiencing affordability issues all over the province and Canada, and it comes down to our lack of housing."

The City of Chestermere by-election is set for June 24.

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