Even with the huge dump of snow that hit Kananaskis Country this week the deer ticks are already out.

Most hikers come across them in the early spring along the open meadows and grasslands.

It seems a bit strange but even with all the snow still in K-Country spring is blooming and that includes ticks.

tiksPrairie Crocus is already blooming in the Rockies. (Photo: April 27).

Usually, it takes 24 hours or more once a tick is embedded for there to be a chance of passing any diseases.

Tick bites are very hard to notice and feed on blood.  

However, if you do get bitten by a deer tick, you're asked to keep it and send it in to get tested.

ticksThis deer tick was found up at the Grass Pass near the Boundary Pine. (Photo April 27).

So, time to get back to doing 'tick checks' after every hike and it's also a good idea to check any pets you have with you.

You can find out much more information on the Alberta government's website

And if you have been bitten you need to carefully remove the tick and the government's website has more information on how to safely remove one too.

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