This month the works of local artist Daniel Hendricks, will be featured at the art gallery at the Strathmore Municipal Library.

Hendricks is currently a Digital Photographer living in Strathmore with his wife Katheryn. He is also a volunteer and member of the Art Selection Committee for The Vault Cultural Collective.

Dan Hendricks

Hendricks has a traditional art education and background, he says he appreciates impressionism, and the works of artists like Monet, Tom Thomson, and The Group of Seven.

He explained that when he began with his first digital camera, his intent was to take images of clouds, landscapes seascapes, clusters of trees, floral images, and cattle.

“All these images were to be a reference for drawings and paintings that I had intended to start doing again after I retired. But when I discovered the flexibility of editing software and the ease of cropping and creating new compositions from all these photos, I was hooked.” Hendricks said. “If I ever get back to laying graphite or watercolour to paper or acrylic or oil to canvas, that will be a bonus,” he said.

Many of his images are displayed as landscapes. Some may be abstract by nature, but they will always he says be representational of landscape, seascape and florals with emphasis on agricultural themes.

He enjoys photographing his own lifestyle and many of his images focus on scenes of the prairies.

Hendricks explained that some of his works can be seen at The Vault Cultural Collective in downtown Strathmore.

In April of 2022 while preparing pieces for display at The Vault, he received a call asking for artists to show their work at the library in May.

“My wife Kathryn and I worked diligently to make the May 2nd deadline for Carmen, managing to select 30 images, from thousands, which would show a broad range of my subject matter,” he said.

At the Strathmore Municipal Library, he is currently showing small format art called ‘PhotoArt’ which he refers to as ‘ShelfArt.’ These are pieces which can be easily moved around or displayed on shelves or settings in a home or office.

Hendricks explained that the small format pieces are 8x10 inch images that can conveniently be placed on a shelf or a cupboard and arranged in a design layout with books or other art objects, such as decorator bowls, vases or small sculptures, plus they have the flexibility to be easily moved around the home or office.

In terms of his ‘PhotoArt’, he said that for him it means an image that falls beyond a traditional photograph to become a photo that leans more toward a piece of art that looks like acrylic, oil, or watercolour painting.