Drumheller residents are now eligible to apply for their residential parking permits.  

Back in February, the Town of Drumheller announced they would be charging for parking in designated areas in the Drumheller Valley during the tourist season. 

The paid parking program will run annually from May 1 to October 31 and will be enforced daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

It will cover several parking lots and areas situated near or on tourist attractions, including: 

  • Badlands Community Facility parking lot  
  • Hoodoos parking lot  
  • Rotary Park (the World’s Largest Dinosaur) parking lot  
  • Street parking along Riverside Drive East 
  • Suspension Bridge parking lot  
  • Town-owned parking lot on 1 Street East  
  • Town-owned parking lot on 2 Avenue West 
  • Town-owned parking lot on the corner of 2 Street West and Riverside 

Residents of Drumheller are now eligible to apply online for a free residential parking permit, which will allow them to park in areas designated as paid parking. 

Without a residential parking permit, citizens of Drumheller will be at risk of receiving parking violation tickets. 

Registering for a residential parking permit is free for Drumheller citizens and can be done through the app HotSpot. 

To apply, you must have two pieces of identification: one proof of residency and one proof of address. This can include utility bills, a lease agreement, a property assessment, or a tax notice. 

If you do not live in Drumheller permanently but work there and will be affected by the paid parking program, you can apply with your employer pay stub. 

For information regarding how to set up a HotSpot account or general inquiries related to the paid parking program, visit the Town of Drumheller website. 

Anyone who does not live in Drumheller will be paying for parking. 

Parking rates are as follows: 

  • Parking Lots: $2.00/hour  
  • Street Parking: $2.50/hour  
  • Day Parking: $20.00/day 

According to the Town of Drumheller, the revenue collected from the paid parking program will be reinvested back into the community through parking improvements, maintenance of roads, and by creating a more secure Drumheller. 

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