International Women's Day is here (March 8) and it's time to shine a spotlight on another remarkable women in our community who inspire us daily.

Today, we have the privilege of chatting with Kylee Hebbes, a born-and-raised Strathmore resident, whose passion for her hometown and dedication to agriculture exemplify the spirit of women supporting women. 

Hebbes, a proud member of Strathmore's close-knit community, reflects fondly on the camaraderie that defines her hometown.

"I like the close-knit community that we have here," she shares. "There's always that pay it forward, whether it's drive-throughs or people paying for groceries at the stores. I just really like that closeness."

With a strong background in agriculture, Hebbes is determined to revive the Hebbes name in the realm of livestock farming.

"I love working on the farm," she enthuses. "I want to eventually find a job with fewer hours so that I can put more focus on the farming floor."

Despite the industry's male-dominated nature, Hebbes remains undeterred, fueled by her passion for animals and her desire to make her mark in the agricultural world.

Hebbes's journey is guided by the women who have inspired her throughout her life. She draws strength from her mother and grandmother, who have overcome adversity with resilience and determination.

"I've watched my mom go through a lot in her life. There was a time she would juggle four jobs at a time just because she was passionate about getting to where she is now."

Similarly, her grandmother serves as a pillar of strength, embodying the values of hard work and community building.

"My grandma is my rock, and I would do anything for that woman."

In addition to her family, Hebbes finds inspiration in her circle of friends, who embody the essence of female empowerment.

"Watching them all, whether they're parents or whether they're pursuing their career through work or schooling and pushing through it all, they are a big light in what makes me, me," she acknowledges gratefully.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Hebbes emphasizes the importance of women supporting each other in all facets of life.

"We all just need to support each other and be more together as women in this world," she concludes.

Hebbes is a shining example of resilience, passion, and community spirit. As we honor her achievements and those of women everywhere, let us be inspired to uplift and empower one another, both today and every day. 

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