Colt Nation, an exciting new program that will allow people to experience what it is like to train an untrained colt, is gearing up to start in June. 

"We want to bring people together and give them a chance to experience what it's like to work with horses that have never been trained," explained Clarence Skuter. 

According to Clarence and his daughter Becky Skuter, the Colt Nation Clinic and Program is truly one of a kind. 

"It gives people a bigger perspective on what they are doing and how to deal with the animal in the safest environment possible. It's fascinating for us," said Becky. 

KidsColt Nation, a program to give you a taste of what working with an untouched colt or filly entails. (Photo provided by Becky Skuter)

Clarence said this program is not just a 'slam bam' training program. 

"It's about growing up the horse, taking them into their world, and it's kind of cool to see the transition," Clarence said. 

When working with an untouched colt or filly, Clarence and Becky ensure that safety is the number one factor in doing the program. 

"We're going to allow them to see what they want to do in that situation, and we'll step in and save the day the best we can. But you've got to be ready to learn. Get your hands in there and tap into areas that you never even knew existed in yourself," Becky explained. 

She added that the horse will pull things out of you that you didn't know you had, and she finds this one of the coolest and most rewarding experiences.  

"Some people won't grasp the whole concept until they experience it. If someone comes after working with a horse that has been broken before and suddenly is working with a horse that they can't even pet, that is where the excitement and challenges are," expressed Clarence. 

Coltnation Colt Nation, a program to give you a taste of what working with an untouched colt or filly entails. (Photo provided by Becky Skuter).

Before the actual Colt Nation program, there will be a mandatory clinic that you must attend before registering. 

"The clinic is where we will review the program's requirements. We will be working hand in hand, and we're going to do some crazy stuff to get a bit of a taste and give everybody an idea of what the program will showcase," said Becky. 

"The Clinic gives people a chance to get a feel for it. Maybe it's not for them, or they would rather pet horses across the fence, which is okay. It'll give everybody an equal and fair chance to try it," she added. 

After the Clinic, everyone interested in the program will be grouped into smaller groups.

"Once everyone is in smaller groups, they can get better hands-on time with the colts, and it will be easier for them to work as a team. Nobody is going to sit on the sidelines," Beck said. 

The Colt Nation program is divided into modules, which Becky said she is still fine-tuning. 

"There are modules and expectations, and then there is reality. We go with the flow, but we have end goals that we will discuss with the group."

According to the website, some of the topics and experiences to expect in The Colt Nation Clinic are as follows: 

  • Safety, Objectives, and Theory in the Bunkhouse.
  • Picking an "Unhandled" Colt or Filly from the herd to work with.
  • Colt's behavior and what they are saying to you.
  • Desensitizing and brushing for the first time.
  • Attempting to put a halter on for the first time & so much more.

The Colt Nation clinic is for ages 9 to adult, and the mandatory Clinic will run on June 1, 9 a.m.-12 p.m., at the Humblehorse Ranch. 

More information about the Clinic and how to sign up can be found at 

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