This year the 104.5 More Country team brought 12 farms in from around the Strathmore and Wheatland area for a harvest dinner. At the Strathmore Legion and catered by Baldwin BBQ. 

This is the first year that the radio station had put on an event like this for their local farmers. Grain Rush works normally like how Seed and Feed does where the 104.5 team brings dinner out to certain fields where the farmers are harvesting at, but this year decided to change it up a bit.

Assistant Sales Manager for Strathmore and Okotoks, Kim Bodeux said that everyone in attendance seemed to be having a good time. 

"The house was packed, so it was really good to see that many people come and have a good time. There were 140 people in attendance including the sponsors." 

Bodeux expressed that it was nice to change it up a bit for the farmers and get them to unwind by having a nice dinner among family and friends. 

"Most of them are done harvest, so it's a nice way to wrap up their year, more of a networking opportunity for everybody as well and just a nice evening. Everyone was partying and mingling."

The 104.5 More Country team is looking forward to doing another Grain Rush dinner next year and hopefully have it bigger and better. Until then Seed and Feed will continue in the spring as per usual, so make sure you are looking out for when that starts up again. 

The highlight of the evening was the silent auction of a painting donated by Kendra Garbe. Mullen Farms donated $600 and then donated the painting back to have it auctioned off for more money. That was when Lakewood of Strathmore put in a bid of $550, making a total of $1150 and all proceeds went to True North formally The Wheatland Crisis Society. Lakewood of Strathmore then donated the painting to True North for them to hang up in their new facility. 

"The silent auction wasn't something that we had planned on doing but it all just came together in the end."

Congratulations to the 12 farms - Hilton Farms, Slopeside Land and Cattle, Tower Ranches, John & Mike Sanden, Hi Tech Farms, Horizon AG Limited, Triple K Farms, Hendricks Enterprises Ltd, Page Ranches Ltd, Magnum Opus inc, Mullen Farms and BX Farms. 

We hope to see you next year! 

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