On Saturday, September 16 Alpine View Pet Spa is hosting a a walk around Strathmore Lakes Estates walking path to continue to raise money to restore their Atco trailer for the shelter of abandoned dogs, displaced pets, and other canines that are being surrendered at an alarming rate. Alpine View Pet Spa is are at capacity and needs to make room for other dogs. 

This is the second year that Alpine View Pet Spa is doing the dog walk. Registration is $25 and a free T-shirt and as the owner of Alpine View Pet Spa Kyla Janes says, everyone is just there to go for a nice walk as a big group.

"We're just hoping to create more awareness and help lots of people out to come and show off their dogs. I am hoping that a lot of past adoptions will come out to the event as well."

As for a goal for how much they are hoping to raise, Janes doesn't have a number in mind as they just had to take in more dogs due to hoarding situations where they weren't able to rehome some, which is one of the reasons they need to get their Atco trailer up and running.

This year, however, Alpine View had a setback in their goal to get the trailer going. 

"We had over 45 dogs surrendered within six weeks, where we ended up not being able to use a lot of our funds and needing that money for vetting the animals that we have got in. The vet bill was number one because we need to have a good relationship with our veterinarian clinic. So to get the trailer finished we would probably need $5000." 

Janes says that they are hoping that someone would want to do a little donation or sponsorship on the trailer because they are at such a standstill with it. 

"I'm assuming that we may just have to use the pound this year, and in lieu of getting it set up and just use it as our storage unit at the moment." 

There is a long waiting list of dogs that need to be surrendered, they are either waiting with their parents or are brought onto Alpine without foster families that they can go to. 

"We can't take any more dogs right now. We do need more foster families for them to go to and it's nice when the foster family wants to adopt the dog but we really need foster families that are not looking to add to their family anymore."

At the end of the day, Janes’s goal ultimate goal always comes back to the same thing: wanting to get the dogs adopted into a loving family.  

"I want them to be able to be rehabilitated, able to be house trained, able to be in the home and be more comfortable so that a transition to an adoption family is a lot faster than if they're staying in the kennel."

For more information on this event or if you would like to foster an animal visit alpineviewpetspa.net

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