The Strathmore Community Football Association's (SCFA) team the Badgers crushed Hanna at home with a 96-6 win over the weekend. The team manager of the SCFA Badgers Misty Day said that the team did exceptionally well and that they didn't really expect to have a win like they did this weekend.

"There are a lot of new boys on the team and some that are not that experienced but at the same time the coaches are really good with the boys and teaching them and making sure they know what they need to know to have that win on the field plus the boys really learn to cooperate with each other to get that win." 

Day explains that the only thing that would maybe need improving is the amount of penalties possibly but she says that is for their coach to determine. She said that they did fairly well regardless of that. 

"Their morale was really great, they were really respectful towards the other team which was great to see."

The crowd turnout for the game was really spectacular with over 35 parents in attendance and because of that $280 worth of 50/50 raffle tickets were sold. The winner of the 50/50 raffle, Shyane Thistle won $140 from the raffle.

"I want to thank everyone who came out for the game. There were a lot of people who didn't have kids there, but their friends had kids there and they came to support the boys. Without support, the boys wouldn't be able to do what they do." 

The Badgers next game is an away game on September 23 at 2:00 P.M when they take on Innisfail. 

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