Since she was just 11 years old, Emma Moore has been one of the more active presences in the community with all of her projects and donation campaigns. She's once again happy to bring back her Clean Campaign for the Wheatland County Foodbank for the sixth straight year!

The Clean Campaign is about collecting hygiene items for the foodbank, since their funding doesn't allow them to buy these items. Moore explained that September and January are the times of highest need, so donating now is more important than usual.

As you're going around town, you may notice her donation boxes at several locations, including:

  • All of the Town of Strathmore's facilities and town offices
  • Centrepoint Chiropractic and Natural Health
  • Strathmore Gymnastics Centre
  • Brentwood School
  • Strathmore High School
  • Crowther Memorial Jr. High

You can also donate by contacting Emma's Facebook page, where she can pick up a donation or you can drop it off to her. Any hygiene items like deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are all great donations.

While running this campaign for six years before turning 18 is already an impressive accomplishment, Moore has done a lot more to create positive change for the community.

"It's the 22nd project I've done over 7 years, and I've collected products and funds for over $50 000 for different charities," she explained.

Her other campaigns include things like Super Veterans, Change Makers, and Em's Bedtime Bundles. She said she was inspired to run all these projects when she realized the importance of community support at a young age.

"When I first volunteered at the Christmas Hamper Society when I was ten or eleven, I didn't realize how much of a need there was in our community, and I really saw how much need there was and I really wanted to make a difference and improve lots of people in the community and their lives, so that's my motivation. And I know that there's always going to be a need, so that just keeps me focused on my goal and that if everyone does a little bit it can make a huge impact."

She got to work right away on her eleventh birthday, where she launched her first project. The overwhelming support she received for her very first campaign has kept her motivated to continue doing what she can

"My first project that kept me going and inspired me to keep going was my purse project for my eleventh birthday. My goal was to collect 11 purses and fill it wit hygiene items for women. But because I got such an amazing response from everyone in the community I was able to collect over 100 purses to donate, and that was absolutely amazing."

Even though she hasn't even graduated high school yet, Moore has already made a big impact on our community. She hopes that her campaigns show other people and youth that everybody can make a difference, no matter how big or small your contribution.

"I want to show youth that their contribution doesn't have to be massive, but it really makes a difference. Even if it's in one person's life it can make a difference and just a little bit can go a long way. And just do it, to get out there, put yourself out there, just give it a try because you never know how many people you'll truly impact."

Since starting the campaign Moore has already received several donations, and she was grateful to businesses like No Frills who made a huge donation

"I do want to say just a big  thank you to all these businesses and schools for hosting, and their willingness to host these collection bins for me."

The Clean Campaign runs until September 15, so you can find bins all across town until then to help support a good cause!

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