Today (Dec 6) red roses will be dropped off at local businesses throughout Strathmore on behalf of True North with the REPs at RE/MAX Key. 

The Red Rose Campaign is a national advocacy campaign to end gender-based violence. The campaign takes its name from the original Rose button, created to commemorate the 14 young woman who were murdered at I'Ecole Polytechnique. 

"The Red Rose Campaign is a program that we've been involved in for several years now and its to recognize domestic violence. The idea behind the red roses is for the memory of woman, men and children that have died due to domestic violence," said part owner of the REPs at RE/MAX Key Hayley Poirier. 

Local business who are gifted a rose are to display them in memory of the woman, children and men in Alberta who have died from domestic violence. 

Poirier shared a story with Strathmore Now about one of the years they were giving out roses and met a woman who happened to be named Rose. 

"She told us the story about her best friend who'd perished that year, and she just loved the idea that we were out giving red roses.That story has always stayed with me as one of the special ones and that is why we need to advocate for people."

Strathmore's Florist supplies the red roses each year for this campaign. The hope with this campaign is to start the conversation on how people can support those they see who are dealing with family violence and allow those that need help to reach out.

The True North is a residential shelter that offers support and services to men, women and children, along with offering a safe place to stay, they work with individuals through public education and outreach programs.

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