The lock-down at Drumheller Institution is over. That was the news released by Correctional Service Canada on Sunday, March 29. The lock-down was put in place on Friday, March 27, at Drumheller Institution’s Medium Security Unit, as a precautionary measure after two inmates showed symptoms similar to influenza.

One inmate was tested for COVID-19 at Drumheller Institution and the result was negative. According to CSC, symptomatic individuals are tested if they meet the public health criteria for testing.

The local public health authority makes all decisions regarding swabbing. As part of protocols, inmates with symptoms are isolated from the general inmate population as a preventative measure.

There are currently no inmates with COVID-19 at the institution. As a precaution, the Correction Service of Canada has suspended all visits to inmates, and all temporary absences unless medically necessary, work releases for offenders and all inter-regional and international transfers of inmates.