Chestermere RCMP were called to a volatile meeting of Chestermere City Council on Tuesday.

Former Mayor Jeff Colvin attended the meeting, where one of his campaign staff members disrupted the meeting in council chambers.

Craig Chandler, a part of Colvin's campaign, intervened during council when a lawyer reported on the city's confirmed legal action to recover funds allegedly misspent during Colvin's leadership.

Chandler intervened, calling the presentation “clear election interference.”

After he spoke, there was an uproar in the chambers, with some back-and-forth between Chandler, residents, and official administrator Doug Lagore. 

Chandler claimed that the lawyer's presentation constituted a violation of election laws.

“I’ll be filing a complaint today, and you’ll be hearing from my lawyer,” said Chandler. 

“I’ll wait for you after,” he said to the city’s lawyer, “since you’re legal counsel.”

Chandler was removed from council chambers as directed but remained in the city hall lobby. 

Soon after, Lagore asked a staff member to call the RCMP. 

Lagore said, “We will not have legal counsel threatened by members of the public in this building." 

Colvin then laughed at the statement made by Lagore, which promoted a warning from him. 

“You can laugh if you want; the same would apply to you if you try it." 

Chandler left the building with officers shortly after the meeting ended and did not return. 

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