If you've been in Langdon recently you may have noticed a snake that's continually growing larger. Even if you're scared of snakes you'll definitely enjoy seeing this one, as it's a cute stone snake painted by community members!

Started by Tammy Bartlett and her daughter Emma, Rocky the Stone Snake was inspired by a post Bartlett saw on Facebook. Thinking it was a great idea and a fun way for the community to get involved in a fun project, Bartlett decided to start a stone snake for Langdon. 

"My daughter just absolutely loves painting rocks so we thought it would be a really neat idea. And we also know a local rock painter Marion (Wyman) and she agreed to do the head of the snake, and it kind of just moved on from there," Bartlett said. 

stone snakeMarion Wyman with Emma Bartlett

Bartlett initially wasn't expecting the snake to be as popular as it has become, as she said her post on Facebook has seen an incredible amount of likes and positive comments and is looking forward to seeing how Rocky grows.

"We're really hoping to see it go down to the ball diamond, we'll see how it goes through the summer. It's a great opportunity, kids are just about out of school and most kids love painting rocks, so it's a really good opportunity for them to get some of their little  artistic abilities out there, right?"

Since Rocky started, Emma has been checking on him every day to see what new rocks are being added. 

"She's over the moon, she's only seven, so this kind of thing is extremely exciting for her."

While Rocky was unfortunately tampered with earlier, as Bartlett found one day that the sign was knocked over and the rocks were scattered, she has since restarted him and has enjoyed seeing more rocks added. The longest stone snake Bartlett heard of was 1700 feet, so she said to keep that in mind as a possible goal to see if Langdon can make Rocky a historically long snake.

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