When you meet Luc Harris the first thing you notice is his winning smile.  He has good reason to smile because recently he had performed extremely well at the Alberta Schools' Athletic Associations competition, winning the Provincial title in the Boys 100-metre, and 200-metre races. 

Starting his running career in the summer of Grade 6, running just came naturally to him.  Getting his first exposure to track and field at a local meet, he followed it up by attending a track and field focused summer camp.  

One of the highlights of his career was going to Winnipeg for the 2017 Canada Games where he placed 11th overall in the Special Olympics Male 100-metre and 12th in the 200-metre races.  He said it was great to meet other athletes and visiting a new province was an enjoyable cultural experience. 

Harris is continuing his journey by training with Calgary Track and Field (CALTAF), a group that specializes in getting athletes to qualify for the Olympics, and he said they have taught him a lot already, "For training we learn going through the stretching warm-ups.  They go through a process of legs and arm stretches, and then my coach tells me what my workouts will be every week."

When not on the field, Harris enjoys art and design with a focus on drawing. 

Harris talked about his performance at Provincials he said, "I had a feeling that I was coming in first, and I just told myself I've got it in the bag."