11-year-old Strathmore local Karmyn Phillips will soon be heading to an international competition for cheerleading in the states.

Despite two years of Covid-19 and the studio where she practices with her fellow cheerleaders closing down her hard work and dedication didn't go to waste.

Soon Karmyn will be headed to the states just after Western Canada is finished all its cheer competitions. This will be a new experience for her, as her 7 years of cheerleading have never taken her out of the states.

Karmyn shares how she started cheering and why she enjoys it so much

“I've been cheering for about 7 years now. I was sitting at my cousin's cheer practice and I told my mom that that's the thing that I wanted to do. Honestly, I just like the feeling of meeting new people and doing all the new tricks. And moving on to better teams that can get you higher.”

Karmyn's mother Amanda Phillps has been fundraising to get her daughter to her competition. She lays out what she's been doing to raise funds.

“We're doing chocolates will be doing things like bacon, pre-packaged meats, Spolumbo's Sausages, Mom Pantry, The mixing spoon. We do one to two fundraisers a month. That's for her actual cheerleading fees. So like right now I'm seeing like $400 a month for her to be in the gym. So it can go towards that or we can put a hold on it. Have it go just towards the competitions like the plane and the hotel.”

Carmen fundrasing

Karmyn also wants to share her love for the sport with the community.

“I just want to tell people that here is a wonderful sport. It's a wonderful thing that lots of people love and some people get bullied from it but just stand for it.”

Hopefully, a trip to the states is just the start of Karmyn's cheerleading successes and hopefully, her love and dedication to cheer will inspire others in the community to join her