Finishing school and getting into the summer break is always exciting for students, but the grade 4 elementary class from Sacred Heart Academy has more to feel good about than that.

Over a two-week period, the class sold popsicles during their recess to earn a staggering $1239.60 to donate to the Wheatland Crisis Society (WCS)! At $2 per popsicle, that's over 600 popsicles sold. The impressive amount even had Darcee Evans, the teacher of the class, surprised.

"We were hoping to make five hundred dollars, we had made a goal that we would like to donate five hundred dollars towards the WCS, but we surpassed it and the kids were super excited," Evans said.

The class was motivated to help a community organization as a part of Sacred Heart Academy's good works project program.

"The class decided to do some research and we decided we wanted to help someone within our community."

Each class at the school is asked to do a good works project, so the academy usually does one every month. The projects range from community clean-up, Mission Mexico, and donating clothes and books.

The good works projects always find's a way to leave a positive impact on the community, which Evans says is really important to teach students.

"It's super awesome for the kids, to learn how to give back and have a commitment to the community and the community around them. Our whole goal here at Sacred Heart is that it's important that we're called to love and serve others, and that's a form of their service."

Natasha Fyfe from the WCS said the amount earned caught her off guard.

"It was a huge surprise. When they called me and said that the kids had sold popsicles over the recess to their friends over a two-week period, we had no idea they would be able to raise 1239 dollars for the shelter," Fyfe said.

Donations for the WCS typically come from community members or corporations, so Fyfe said it was really nice to see an elementary class make such a big donation.

"To have the little members of our community think about us and think about the impact that we make to the community and want to give back and help is phenomenal. It just goes to show that we're teaching our kids at a young age that giving is good and people need help, and they're really stepping forward and taking on these roles."

The money will be used to help people in the shelter with basic goods, which includes but isn't limited to kids' sunscreen and bug sprays.


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