A Strathmore native has been making leaps and bounds in the dance industry worldwide.  

Breanne Wilson knew that dancing was in her veins from a young age, but she never could have imagined where it would take her.  

"The pandemic has definitely been hard on the dance and entertainment community, but I believe that art is vital and I hope to inspire and encourage the next generation of dancers." - Breanne Wilson

“I started dancing when I was really young, but I think it was probably in high school when I really decided that I wanted to pursue it as a career. I really couldn't imagine myself doing anything else but being a dancer really. I think it became part of my identity,” she explained.  

After travelling to Calgary from Strathmore to dance during high school, she was accepted into the University of Arizona in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Tucson. Wilson was overjoyed to be accepted as over 450 people auditioned for the program and only 35 were accepted.  

After four years of earning her bachelor's, she accepted a position with Odyssey Dance Theatre where she performed for 3 years. Her time with the theatre company took her to Germany, France, Switzerland, and throughout the United States.  

She also performed as Ariel in King Trition’s Concert in Tokyo Disney.  

“I think what I love most is the storytelling aspect of dancing and being on stage and really feeling that amazing energy from the audience,” Wilson remarked when looking back at her accomplishments.  

Wilson is currently represented by Go 2 Talent Agency in Los Angeles and Premiere Talent Management in Vancouver. She recently has been a dancer for LA Opera in La Traviata and Singin’ in the Rain. 

While her accomplishments are great, Wilson has worked hard to get there and has made many sacrifices.  

“Dance is a very hard industry. It involves long, long hours in the dance studio, looking at yourself in the mirror and making sure you're always in the right positions,” she continued.  “And sometimes, I have to miss a friend's wedding because I have a show that weekend. There definitely are some things you have to give up to achieve your dreams.” 

It was all worth it for Wilson though, and she encourages younger dancers in Strathmore to continue to follow their hearts, regardless if dance is a hobby or a career path for them.  

“If you have a dream, you definitely should pursue it because it's what you love and you will end up being more successful at it because it's what you really want to do. I think that everyone achieves their best work when they're doing what they really love.” 

The pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard, and Wilson is looking forward to her next set of adventures.  

“When I am home in Strathmore, I teach dance at several establishments in the Calgary area and am always so impressed with the amazing talent in Canada. The pandemic has definitely been hard on the dance and entertainment community, but I believe that art is vital and I hope to inspire and encourage the next generation of dancers.” 

To view her dance reel, click here.