On June 10 Strathmore High School grade 11 students Adrianna Kiemeny and Larissa Penninga are hosting an international festival and market as part of their school club Global Connections. 

Global Connections is a club at the high school made up of three pillars and as Penninga explains they are trying to promote an interconnectedness between different cultures and all different diversities. Saying the three pillars are cultural awareness, sustainability, and global citizenship, she feels the market and festival especially highlights this.

“This is why we are doing this market and festival as well, but it's all about promoting the community around us.”  

There is a leadership course that is also called global connections that Penninga and Kiemeny are taking through Golden Hills Learning Academy. 

Penninga says that most times when you are just walking around people don’t fully understand people's identity and culture and that is why the market and festival is important. “I think that having something that brings out different people's culture and being able to affirm their identities is a really big thing that they need.”  

Kiemeny is running the market side of things as Penninga is running the dances and the entertainment side of it all. “We are hoping that we will get a pretty great show up of people, but I think that we are kind of learning as we go,” Penninga said. 

Kiemeny expresses the reasons that she and Penninga wanted to become so heavily involved in something like this.

“I definitely think it has to do with community and expanding our horizons. International students, they're not really represented in Strathmore much because it's mostly just the people who've lived here for long periods of time and all these new people who've come in for their three years of high school." 

Vendors are still needed for the event, "We are trying to fill up our gym, well half the gym and a bit outside as well. So honestly if you are a small business owner then come talk to us, we want you and we want the community to come say hi.” 

“There are people making jewelry, handmade soaps and a couple farmers' market people and book authors as well,” Kiemeny added. 

To become a vendor, you can contact Strathmore High School at 403-934-3135 or by reaching out to the girls via email, adrianna.kiemeny@ghsd75.ca and larissa.penninga@ghsd75.ca  

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