If you've been driving around, you may have noticed many potholes that need repairs, which has booked many mechanics.

This is especially true for Harold Zegil, who owns Zegil Automotive and Transmission.

"We've had a lot of people in with cars with front-end issues from potholes. Damaged tires, damaged front ends, alignment out. Potholes do major damage to your car over time, especially if they're big potholes," explains Zegil.

That said, Zegil noted that if you hit a big enough pothole, you could pay upwards of $4000 for repairs. 

"The price point could be anywhere from simple alignment to bent tie rods, broken ball joints, and damaged control arms, even damage to rims and tires."

Zegil says that summer is a busy time for mechanics.

"Usually, what happens for us is that many classic cars start coming out hot rods. Many people, motor homes, and trucks are getting ready to pull their trailers. So, passengers' cars. We're always busy with that stuff." 

Zegil mentioned there are a few things to remember when maintaining your vehicle this summer. 

"The first thing I recommend is getting an oil change; check all your transmission fluid, especially antifreeze, especially in this heat."

According to Zegil, getting your tires, brakes, and front ends checked is essential.

"You don't want to have bad brakes, and you're pulling a trailer, and you can't stop or front end something that could be very dangerous." 

He says keeping your car maintained in the heat and looking out for potholes on the road is crucial to a well-functioning vehicle. 

"The biggest thing is to maintain your car and bring it in, and we can check it over. We do a 30-point inspection on every oil change." 

To report a pothole that needs to be repaired, you can send in a Citizen Communication Form to the Town of Strathmore.

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