On Tuesday, April 2, the Hope Bridges Society will be hosting a free community concert as part of their newly reimagined music discovery class. 

Local musician Drew Gregory will be performing a free concert alongside some of the members of the Hope Bridges Society. 

The concert is at Hope Community Covenant Church and will start at 1:30 p.m. 

Hope Bridges Society is breaking down barriers for adults with disabilities and providing access to an accredited music therapist and a program that is designed to promote confidence, encourage social interaction, and provide connection through music. 

“Participants can share the stage and the spotlight alongside local musicians and in front of an audience. The audience then gets to witness the vastness of their neighbours through the universal language of music,” said Janice Littlefair, coordinator with Hope Bridges Society. 

One of the core values of Hope Bridges Society is that they believe everyone has the right to share the stage and be involved with music in the community. 

The Hope Bridges Society offers a music discovery class, facilitated by an accredited music therapist, Kate Ager. 

“The use of music by an accredited musical therapist helps work towards non-musical goals. That could be physical rehabilitation, developing confidence or self-expression, and relationship building.” 

According to Littlefair, music therapy is multifaceted and can be a very powerful tool for healing and development, which has been the main goal for participants. 

Last month, local artist Greg Rider performed the first concert for the Hope Bridges Society community concert series, and four more concerts are set to take place. 

The list of upcoming concerts is as follows: 

  • Drew Gregory - Tuesday, April 2. 
  • Melissa Matheson - Tuesday, June 4. 
  • Jory Kinjo - Tuesday, September 3. 
  • The Charms - Tuesday, December 3. 

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