This evening (March 28), there is a chance of snow throughout the night, but this weekend and into early next week, we will see a drastic shift in weather. 

By Tuesday (April 2), it is expected to be a high of 18 degrees Celsius. 

Whether or not that will happen is debatable, but according to Natalie Hasel, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, we may be stuck in a freeze-thaw cycle for the time being. 

“On Friday, temperatures are expected to sit around 0 degrees Celsius for the maximum high temperature. If there is any snow on the ground, it will melt and then freeze as we continue to be in this freeze-thaw cycle. On Friday night, temperatures will be a bit cooler. But Saturday is when we will start to see a warmup,” Hasel said. 

According to Hasel, there is a ridge of warm air building off the Pacific that is making its way into Western and Central Alberta this long weekend and will be responsible for the short stint of warm weather. 

By Monday (April 1), it is expected to be a high of 12 degrees Celsius and sunny during the day. 

“Tuesday (April 2) will be the warmest day in the upcoming two-week period. It will be a good opportunity to take advantage of the weather and get some yard work done on your property.” 

As we are entering the freeze-thaw cycle, it may be tempting to remove your winter tires, but this is something that Hasel does not recommend doing just yet. 

“I would not get rid of your winter tires right away, as some of the overnight temperatures could be cold enough to warrant them.” 

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