Andrea Holowka will be the new superintendent of Christ the Redeemer (CTR) Catholic Schools. Starting her teaching career at Calgary Catholic 26 years ago, Holowka brings experience at all levels of education, as she's also worked as a principal, Calgary Catholic's Superintendent of Instruction Services, and most recently the Calgary Board of Education's Superintendent of School Improvement.

While this is her first time working for CTR, Holowka said she's worked with CTR extensively in the past due to CTR and Calgary's close proximity to each other, and is excited to now serve as its superintendent.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be stepping into such a great role within a very strong school division. I've worked alongside Christ the Redeemer and found that they're very aligned with the way that I approach leadership, which is part of the reason that I sought out this position," she said 

Holowka has several goals in mind, but for the immediate future she said her main priority is learning more about CTR and its schools and what its students need.

"It's important for me to get to know Christ the Redeemer as a school division and learn about the communities and their needs, and that is my intent to do so right from the very beginning." 

As Holowka learns more about CTR and its needs she plans on finding specific initiatives to undertake, but for now she couldn't comment too much on it as she hasn't become the superintendent yet. However, on a personal level, she said CTR's focus on faith was a big reason she was attracted to the position and hopes to continue strengthening that. Mental health support is something else that's always been a priority to her and she hopes to build on the supports CTR already offers to students and find ways to better strengthen their mental health care.

"I know that they (CTR) do have a particular emphasis on looking at mental health supports and the care that they've put forward to all students, that's been something I've been focusing on. I'm in the last bit of my doctorate and that has been the focus of my dissertation, so looking at what I've learned and gained perspective on in the area of mental health interventions and how to support student needs regardless of what they are, that's really important to me as a leader." 

Holowka will officially become the superintendent on June 19.

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