Live music will be back in Strathmore on March 4; Mocking Shadows is heading to Strathmore. Mocking Shadows is a band that has been entertaining audiences across Canada since 1995. Though the band members have changed over the years there are still a couple of members that have been touring and performing for more than 20 years with the group. 

Jory Kinjo has been a member since 1990 and describes the group's style as a little bit of old school soul music, and some rhythm and blues.

"If you think kind of Motown, James Brown, funky kind of stuff, it's high energy dance music that is in the old school soul vein."

Over the years the band has had some highlights, one for Kinjo was something that he still cherishes to this day when the band was lucky enough to tour across Canada 3 different times with the legendary B.B. King.

"He would come and watch our show, not every night, but when he would watch us he would then give us critiques after.  He used to sign autographs sometimes for up to two hours after the show, and then he would bring us in and tell us what he liked or what he didn't."

Kinjo said he was a man who you waited around for and when he spoke you took it to heart and listened and learned.

"He was a great mentor for us, he was very honest and sincere. "

Along with those tours the band also had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Buddy Guy and ZZ Top. 

With a band that has been around close to 30 years and changes in the group, Kinjo explained their drive to keep going is all about the love of music and their loyal fan base. 

"The camaraderie of the band and the reactions of the fans, people keep coming out they keep phoning their friends and buying tickets and spreading the word.  I think that is really our biggest driving factor the people still want to hear us."

The band has not put out a studio album in quite a few years, but that will hopefully not be the case this year as Kinjo says that is one of the group's goals in 2023.

When it comes to performing for smaller towns and areas Kinjo said the band feels it is important to perform in those areas and that there is a different kind of appreciation for what they do when they perform in bigger markets. 

"The people in those communities really appreciate it, I think they know when something is coming to town that it's a little bit different than their everyday norm and so they value that, and it's really obvious in the attendance and the participation of the crowd. So going out to smaller communities has always been something that we've really enjoyed."

Kinjo did say that whether they are performing in a smaller or bigger venue the audiences are always great and with so much 'instant entertainment' at everyone's fingertips the band is thankful for everyone that comes to support live music and that you cannot feel that energy and get that experience through a screen so it is fantastic for the band to have the crowds back after a couple of years away. 

Mocking Shadows will be performing at the Travelodge on March 4 as part of the performance series brought to Strathmore by the Strathmore Musical Arts Society (SMAS), in addition, the team from SMAS will hold a 50/50 at the event in support of the music, dance, and arts department at the Strathmore High School.  Organizer Linda Storksen explained that raising money for local arts groups has been something that they do at each of their events.

Tickets can for the dinner and show can be found at Assist Business Centre, Pro Water Strathmore, ConnectFirst & Strathmore Home Hardware and The Vault. Tickets are also available for purchase online at the Strathmore Musical Arts Society’s website 

bandPhoto Courtesy of Mocking Shadows 

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