Like many children, local 7-year-old Amelia Walsh enjoys making Rainbow Loom bracelets, which are colorful bracelets and crafts made with small rubber bands. Unlike most, Amelia isn't making bracelets for herself. Instead, she's dedicating her time and effort to support the Calgary Fire Fighters Burn Treatment Society.

Amelia's grandmother Miranda Ridley explained she has a crafting business, which inspired Amelia to follow in her footsteps and start a business selling bracelets.

"Amelia just kept making bracelet after bracelet after bracelet, and I said, 'Amelia, you should have a business doing this.' She jumped on board so fast. She came up with the logo and a name for her business right away and started making bracelets," Ridley said.

rainbow loom Amelia makes many bracelets with different colours and patterns, and also takes custom orders.
Photo Courtesy: Rainbow Connections Facebook Page

With a business name and product to sell, Amelia quickly got to work selling bracelets, with half of the proceeds going toward the Burn Treatment Society. While there were many charities to pick from, Amelia explained she chose the Burn Treatment Society because she and her family recently experienced a fire in the same building they live in, which was a scary experience for her. Because of that, she wanted to help the brave firefighters who help people during those difficult times.

"She was quite scared, but it was pretty awesome to watch the firemen come and keep everybody safe and put it out as quickly as they did," Ridley said.

As for making the bracelets themselves, Amelia explained she likes how every bracelet she makes can have its own personal touch and unique qualities to it.

"I like all the colours, and every paddle and colour you use. They're all going to look different," Amelia said.

Each bracelet costs $1, and her goal is to raise $100 for the firefighters. If you're interested in buying a bracelet or supporting her goal, you can visit her Facebook page here.  

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