The province has announced two projects to reduce traffic jams and improve safety on Deerfoot Trail. 

The two projects will cost $615 million, and one of those projects is aimed at improving the area of Beddington Trail NW/11 Street Northeast. The construction for the Beddington Trail/11 Street NE project is expected to begin this year and be completed in 2025 and includes the following:

  • connecting 11 Street NE to westbound Beddington Trail and northbound Deerfoot Trail

  • adding a fourth continuous lane in each direction from Airport Trail to Beddington Trail

  • Construction at 64 Avenue NE and Deerfoot Trail began in early 2023.

  • Additional contracts are also expected to move forward to procurement for further improvements at McKnight Boulevard NE and 16 Avenue NE.

The other project is aimed at the improvement of the Ivor Strong Bridge, Anderson Road/Bow Bottom Trail, Southland Drive and Glenmore Trail. The province estimates that these two projects will enhance safety and save time for commuters. Improvements include increasing capacity on ramps, adding lanes, reconfiguring exits and intersections, and twinning a bridge. They will address key bottlenecks on Deerfoot Trail between Glenmore Trail and Anderson Road/Bow Bottom Trail.

"When completed, drivers can expect their commutes to be 15 per cent faster during the morning rush hour and about 22 per cent faster during evening rush hour," the province estimated.

Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors said that considering Deerfoot Trail is a vital north-south commuter and transportation corridor through Calgary, moving people and goods across the province, these projects are of vital importance.

It is estimated that Deerfoot Trail handles 180,000 vehicles per day.

Improvements to Deerfoot Trail are being completed in distinct projects, prioritizing work on the most congested areas that can be completed quickly.

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