The government of Alberta is acting right now to make sure those in need can put food on their tables.

Costs are rising for Albertans as a result of high inflation. More Albertans are turning to food banks for assistance in meeting their basic requirements as they struggle to heat their homes and feed their families.

The government is appreciative of the assistance provided to Alberta families by the food banks and other civil service organizations. It is donating $10 million over two years to help with this endeavour, of which $5 million will be distributed soon and the other $5 million will be used in the fiscal year 2022–2023.

“Many Albertans rely on food banks, which is why I am so grateful for the work they do in their local communities. Alberta’s government is proud to work with these organizations as we help care for those in need. By ensuring food banks within our province have enough resources, they will be able to support the communities and families they serve. It is my goal to ensure that no Albertan ever needs to wonder where their next meal will come from. I am grateful that our government is able to work with food banks to care for those who rely on their services,” stated Jeremy Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services.

The Alberta government has also allocated an additional $10 million over the next two years in matching funds to food banks, charities, not-for-profits, and other civil society organizations in an effort to increase public awareness of and participation in food banks and other civil service organizations. The provincial government of Alberta is offering up to $20 million in help for food banks and other government organizations throughout the province.

According to Matt Jones, Minister of Affordability and Utilities, “rising cost of living and high inflation are especially challenging for families, seniors and vulnerable Albertans. This announcement to provide additional resources to food banks is the first step in our Affordability Action Plan and provides more vulnerable families with meals.”

Food Banks Alberta has 104 member food banks that share best practices and buying power.

According to a recent study, Alberta has the highest food bank usage in the country.