The Climate Action Incentive Payment has recently changed its name, and an increase is on the way. 

Starting April 1, the rebranded “Canada Carbon Rebate” will be giving back $1,800 to Alberta families. 

“The Canada Carbon Rebate puts more money in your pocket every three months. It was created to make big polluters pay and give that money back to Canadian families. And it's working. This is how we're making life more affordable and cleaning the air we breathe,” said Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Labour and Seniors. 

The Government of Canada’s website, states that “the Canada Carbon Rebate returns fuel charge proceeds to Canadians through direct deposit or cheque, every three months, ensuring most households get more money back, with lower-income households benefiting the most.” 

In addition to the base Carbon Rebate amounts, rural residents will receive an increase of 20 per cent compared to the previous 10 percent to acknowledge rural Canadians’ high energy needs and limited access to cleaner transportation options. 

“Canadians who live in rural areas face unique challenges, including traveling longer distances for school, work, and groceries. Doubling the rural top-up makes sure they have the help they need,” said Gudie Hutchings, Minister of Rural Economic Development. 

The annual rebate amounts are as follows: 

Carbon Rebate

To receive the Canada Carbon Rebate, Canadians need to file their annual tax return. 

To receive the rural top-up, rural residents must check the corresponding box on their tax return. 

The quarterly payments will happen in April, July, October 2024, and January 2025. 

The Canada Carbon Rebate will be delivered via cheque unless you have a direct deposit set up. 

For those with a spouse or common-law partner, the person who files the tax return will receive the rebate for all household members, including children. 

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