The Alberta wheat commission and CANTERRA SEEDS launched a new Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) wheat variety.

Chair of the Alberta Wheat Comission, Kevin Bender, says AAC Crossfield is a result of a historic partnership between public, private and producer stakeholders.

"The producer is us, the Alberta Wheat Comission, public is Agriculture Canada, and private was CANTERRA Seeds. All three of us collaborated on this agreement to advance CPS wheat, so they released this variety AAC Crossfield."

The first-of-its-kind partnership, totalling $3.4 million over five years, is aimed at combining the strengths of producers, along with public and private sectors, to create improved CPSR wheat varieties for farmers.

Bender says, key characteristics of the AAC Crossfield variety include it's high yield and high potential, delivering an overall better agronomic package.

The Commission will receive a share of royalties on new varieties resulting from the program to be used for future CPSR research and development.

AAC Crossfield will be available to farmers this fall.


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