Ringette is gaining popularity and Strathmore is no exception, from the players, coaches, countless volunteers, and families everyone is excited to kick on the 2018-2019 season.

The Strathmore Minor Ringette Association will be having a "Come Try Ringette" skate on September 7th at the Strathmore Arena from 4:45 pm to 5:30 pm, it is required to preregister information can be found on Strathmore Ringettes website or Facebook Page.  

Maria Betke a U12 player says, " I like that I can be friends with everyone, even girls from other associations. I like playing every year, making new friends and learning new things on the ice. I like it because it is a team building sport. Once you play it, you immediately fall in love with it. "

Over the 2017-2018 season, the ringette teams saw continued success with the U12A team winning the Zone Two Championships as well the U12A, U12B, U14B, U16B, and U19B all qualified for provincials.











Addison Innes a U12 player says, "I like that I get to play with friends that are in different schools who I don’t see very often. I play every year because I am in love with the sport."

The ringette association has seen an increase in registries over the last couple of years and are looking forward to another great year. All skill levels at any age are encouraged to register and player evaluations will happen in September. 

Anna Radford a U14 player says, "I like it because you learn about teamwork, and it's fun. You make a lot of friends, I like seeing how much I've improved from the start to the end of the season"

Ringette teaches kids about team mentality with a strong emphasis on fun, fair play, and inclusion. Amy Bradley Director of Marketing says," I have two daughters in the sport, their love of ringette has created a family passion"

That is what you hear about ringette, the kids simply play for the love of the game, " Ringette is about friendships, skill development, confidence, being part of something bigger than themselves, but most of all they have fun," Says Bradley, registrations are now open for all levels.