Strapped with a guitar and a dream, singer/songwriter Matt Zimmerman has been playing a few shows across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta but more specifically in Calgary. 

Zimmerman stopped by the 104.5 More Country station to play one of his new singles 'Farmer Town' and to tell us what has drawn him to share his passion for performing, songwriting, and producing with Western Canada. 

"It's creative and getting to go and sit on the boat, then come back to the camper and write a song, it makes me excited to keep making music but then getting to share that with everybody in some form is also so exhilarating too, especially if somebody gets up and dances to the song that I have written."

One of the goals of performing is continuing to work with some top-notch artists and musicians, Zimmerman said for his single 'Ranger' which is expected to come out today (Friday, June 16), he was able to do just that,  "I worked with Dave Wasyliw from Doc Walker and Denis Dufresne from Gord Bamford's band and then some other really notable folks too from Manitoba and all over the prairies and even in Ontario."

Taking inspiration in everyday life is something that Zimmerman loves to do, "I just wrote a song in May called 'Pickerel Ripple' I am a fisherman, and I saw a picture a songwriting friend of mine posted of the city of Toronto and was drawn to the water in the photo that had the perfect ripple and it just made me think I can't wait to get out on the lake and go do some fishing." 

Zimmerman said that inspiration can hit him at any moment but generally, it is when he is outdoors, camping, fishing, or cooking that he finds it the most. 

Being up on stage is where a lot of performers want to be and Zimmerman is no different, he loves to be singing and playing his guitar while still seeing the faces of people in the audience.  

"I love when I can see them participating, dancing and singing along to the music. I've got some songs where the audience needs to yell 7 dark rums and it's so awesome when I can hear them yelling back. It just makes my day." 

Zimmerman is driving through Alberta right now with one of his stops being at Hayden Block Smoke and Whisky in Calgary, Friday at 8:30 P.M. 

"I am looking forward to coming back to Alberta but most of my performances are in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. I'm booked to play All Folk'd Up Music Festival just outside of Regina and Manitoba at the Carberry Ag Fair, we're headlining there, and at  the Winnipeg Fringe Festival so there is a lot of stuff that is coming up."

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