A study conducted by SportingPedia  that was looking at wildlife attacks in Canada suggests that Alberta is one of the places that people are most likely to be attacked by a wild animal.

The study suggested that there were 3,726 attacks in the province between 2012 and 2021, with the most dangerous animal in Alberta being an elk with 2,299 attacking Albertans, while grizzly bears and black bears a close second and third. Elk don't roam here in Strathmore but what residents can find on their front land are deers, coyotes, badgers and/or moose. 

Fish and Wildlife officer for the Calgary Area Kody Fitzsimons explains that if you encounter one of these animals it's safe to grab photos, but don't get too close to it.  

"These are wild animals and they don't want to be petted or anything like that. Make sure that you are giving them lots of space, giving them an avenue to escape so that you are not blocking their way or getting in between them and their young." 

Fitzsimons says that deer have the reputation of being docile but there are certain times of the year that they can become more aggressive or more territorial. Its best to make sure that you are staying away, giving them lots of distance and not going up and touching them.

"During their rut session, closer to the middle or the end of November is when deer become more aggressive. That's the time of the year when they start breeding. So, you definitely don't want to be going up to them."

In the springtime other animals like the cow moose will be having their calves and will be extra protective over their babies and possibly more aggressive when encountering people. 

Most animals are not going to attack unprovoked. If you respect them then they will respect you.  Another way that you can prevent yourself from a wildlife attack is to be a little more alert of your surroundings from dawn to dusk, normally when wildlife is active the most and are filtering in and out of the town.

Fitzsimons says that some of the best ways for you to keep animals such as deer out of your property is to have your food attractants cleaned up; if you have a garden put some chicken wire around it so that there is no way for a wild animal to access it.

"You can get different kinds of deterrents, such as putting out motion sensing lights, there are different products called "Deer Away" that you could purchase at places like Peavey Mart that give off a strong odor that the deer don't like and have them move off."

Seeing wild animals can often be an exciting time, and it can continue to be a great opportunity for photos, but make sure you do it at a respectable distance.

"You want to have your space and so do they."

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