Overcoming trauma can seem insurmountable to many, and Connie Blackwood knows first-hand the challenges you may face. Through her own struggles and growth she was able to overcome her trauma and that is when she found fullness in life again. Knowing how difficult it can be, Blackwood wants to help others heal the same way she did through her passion: writing. 

"Writing was a passion of mine even from my younger years. I wrote poetry, songs, plays, and even wrote a manuscript. However, I did not show anyone and kept them to myself other than writing done for class. Once I went off to college the only time, I had for writing went into journaling."   

In the last few years Blackwood explains how the fire for her writing re-ignited and her book "Unlovable" became a reality. 

"This book examines the twelve most difficult questions I faced when I felt unlovable and how I overcame it and know my value and worth. I wrote it in the hopes that others who have gone through traumatic things in their lives would also find healing and a new vitality for life."

Blackwood is currently working on her second book of the series, and it is about her overcoming fear and anxiety. "At times we allow these fears to dictate our lives, and in my book I go through the reasons we do this and how to break free of it."  

Blackwood says that her goals for the future are to do some online courses to complement her books and to go deeper in her writing. In her free time she loves reading, swimming, snuggling her cats and cross-stitching.

"I would love to finish this series of books and become a minister so I can help even more people." 

Blackwood will be at the Strathmore Library's first annual Local Author Showcase on June 3.

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