Whose responsibility is it to clear off the sidewalks after a snowfall event in Strathmore? 

Strathmore has seen some heavy snowfall the last couple of days and that is expected to continue for the rest of the day (Jan 17). Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) says 2 to 4 cm of snowfall is still on the way. However, the snow is expected to stop this evening. 

"Cleaning sidewalks and pathways are a shared responsibility of many community members. We do clear some public sidewalks and pathways, but property owners are required to ensure that sidewalks adjacent to their properties are free from snow and ice," explained the Town of Strathmore in a brochure. 

The Town of Strathmore also stated that sidewalks should be cleared down to the bare pavement within 48 hours of snowfall. Snow should be shoveled onto the resident's lawn and not onto the street. 

"Snow in front of a resident's house like windrows is frustrating but when you consider the large number of driveways in town, we simply do not have the resources to provide snow clearing in front of everyone's house within a reasonable time frame."

A tip the Town of Strathmore gave was when shoveling a snow drift in front of your driveway, always pile the snow on the left side (facing the property). This will give a better line of vision of the approaching traffic and when the plows go by the shoveled pile won't be as easily dragged back into the driveway entrance. 

The Town of Strathmore doesn't offer personal snow angel services for residents who are unable to clear their sidewalks due to age or disability. 

"We do help coordinate the Snow Angels program for seniors and persons with disabilities through Strathmore Family and Community Support Services (FCSS). The program helps match volunteers from the community who require the service."

Requests for the program often exceed the number of available volunteers. The Town of Strathmore recommends that if you can, become a Snow Angel. 

Learn more by calling FCSS at 403-934-9090. 

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