The Town of Strathmore’s Operations Team is beginning preliminary street sweeping of priority routes in town. The purpose of these preliminary sweeps is to remove loose gravel from roadways to make it safer.  

Marketing Coordinator Scott Garnett explained there is no need to move parked vehicles; a more thorough sweeping will be scheduled for later in the spring and prior notifications will be given for vehicles to be removed. 

“Once we can be sure that no more snow is on the way we’ll schedule a full sweep for the Town. If the weather cooperates, we generally complete street cleaning over a couple of weeks.” 

In 2022 cleaning took place over 14 days in early May. Garnett said with street sweeping the priority is to get the roads clean and safe for vehicles and pedestrians. Each year the operations team removes tonnes of sand and debris from Strathmore’s roads. This also prevents these materials from ending up in our storm drain system. 

“'No Parking' signs will be placed out 24 hours in advance so residents will have a chance to move their vehicles. Moving parked cars off the roads for cleaning makes sure that we can clean all the way to the curb and helps us complete the sweeping as efficiently as possible.” 

Garnett says ‘No Parking’ signs will indicate the time that your vehicle will need to be off the road. Once the crews complete cleaning in an area they’ll remove the signs, and residents are welcome to park on the street as normal. 

Once a sweeping schedule is determined, it will be published at

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