It is Canada Road Safety Week, and the Alberta RCMP has provided some important safety tips for drivers.

From May 14 to 20, the Alberta RCMP, in partnership with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, will spearhead initiatives to bolster safe driving habits across the province. 

This annual campaign seeks to mitigate roadway collisions, injuries, and fatalities by fostering public adherence to safe driving practices, particularly pertinent during the Victoria Day long weekend.

During this period, the focus will extend beyond mere awareness-raising to targeted enforcement, with a special emphasis on National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day.

The aim is to curb behaviors that pose significant risks to motorists, passengers, and pedestrians alike.

These include drug and alcohol-impaired driving, fatigue, distracted driving, aggressive driving, and driving without wearing a seatbelt.

"In 2023, the Alberta RCMP removed 7,707 impaired drivers from provincial roadways, averaging 21 impaired drivers per day," noted Sgt. Turnbull. "During last year's Canada Road Safety Week alone, RCMP officers eliminated 205 impaired motorists from Alberta's streets and highways."

To aid in the promotion of safe driving behaviors, several practical tips have been provided:

  1. Plan Ahead for Transportation: If alcohol or drugs are consumed, arrange for a sober driver, taxi, family member, or ride-sharing service to ensure a safe journey home.

  2. Combat Fatigue: Ensure you are well-rested before embarking on a journey. If drowsiness sets in while driving, find a safe spot to pull over and rest.

  3. Handle Aggression Safely: If confronted with aggressive driving behavior, safely pull over and contact law enforcement rather than engaging in conflict.

  4. Buckle Up: Regardless of the distance of your trip, always fasten your seatbelt. It remains one of the simplest yet most effective measures for safeguarding lives on the road.

According to Alberta RCMP, this is part of Canada's Road Safety Strategy 2025. 

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