Another name you might have noticed in the running for Chestermere City Council is Rick Schell.

Schell has 25 years of engineering experience, designing and building projects worldwide by, as he puts it, "Keeping it Simple."

He moved to Chestermere in 2015, and says the rest is history. 

"We've been here for nine years. My kids moved to or graduated from Chestermere High School. They recently sort of moved out, but I love the community here."

Schell explains that "Keeping it Simple" does not mean it will be easy.

"I will investigate what is holding up these priorities and ask: "How do we remove the obstacles?" and "What is the simplest solution?"

He explains that he will then focus on removing these obstacles, including resources, planning, and professional services.

"I will put my years of real-world experience to work with the mayor, fellow councillors, and capable City Hall staff, and I will keep these projects moving forward."

According to Schell, following the Municipal Governance Act is a big way to start rebuilding the trust of Chestermere residents. 

"Even though these things may be completely justifiable, spending the money, we still need to follow the rules to protect ourselves and the citizens of Chestermere." 

Schell also plans to build trust by maintaining good relationships with residents and city staff.

"Encourage them, hear them out, and allow them to speak and express their thoughts. We don't have to agree on everything, but at least give people an opportunity to speak."

If elected, Schell says that he wants to start with getting the schools and rec center built and getting the roads up and running.

"I will not rest. These are things that we need, like school, especially schools. We've paid for them with our taxes and don't have them." 

When asked why Chestermere residents should vote for him, Schell explained that he and his wife Laurianne were nominated for the Chestermere Citizens of the Year Award last year.

"We have been doing a Kinniburgh community clean-up for six years. In June or July, we do four weekends, Saturday or Sunday, where we invite the community's people to come and help clean up garbage and animal waste from around the ponds and playgrounds. Then, we throw a big block party for our neighbours and volunteers."

Schell said another reason residents should vote for him is that he knows and understands how to move a project.

"It's about convincing people that the plan is good. The plan is right, and we must finish the work."

The Chestermere by-election is on June 24. 

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