Did you see someone running along the Trans-Canada Highway in a Superman suit? 

If so, you probably saw New Zealand-born Jon Nabbs, who is raising money for child cancer by running solo across Canada.

Earlier this week, Nabbs passed through Cluny, Alberta, and continued to head west towards Calgary, arriving in the city last night (Jan. 9).

Nabbs recently completed day 251 of his journey that initially started in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

As of January 8, Nabbs has run 6,275 kilometers. 

After starting in St. Johns, Nabbs headed towards the St. Lawrence River, then continued to Toronto, the Great Lakes, Thunder Bay, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and is now passing through Alberta, heading towards British Columbia. 

The total trek from coast to coast is roughly 8,000 kilometers.

Despite the cold snap Alberta has been recently experiencing, Nabbs has preserved and has been running in -30°C temperatures. 

His goal is to raise $60,000 for child cancer, and so far, he has raised over $56,000.

According to his blog, Nabbs was inspired by Canadian hero Terry Fox to run across Canada after losing both of his parents to cancer.

If you see Nabbs running on the highway this week, cheer him on and support him through the final leg of his journey. More information is available here

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