The 104.5 More Country team is on another Seed and Feed run and this time we are delivering pizza to Brigan Farms, courtesy of Mike's Bar & Grill and today's sponsor Aquilla Homes.

The crew just consists of Darcy and his wife Ruby Brigan. They started seeding on April 27 and a year prior they started on the exact same date.

They currently have 2 800 acres and they seed canola, wheat, barley, peas, and oats. Darcy said that this year is going well so far. "Wheat will be done today and we will be starting canola later on."

Darcy mentioned the rain we saw this week was welcome, "We got some nice rain yesterday, so it has been good for us."

The Brigans also have 150 head of cattle explained Ruby, "We just have a few stragglers left but other than that it went very well."

Brigan Farms is a young company having only been in operation for 15 years,  "We both come from a farming and cattle background. Friends and family have played a huge role in us making it where we are today," Ruby said.

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