Today, I visited Wheeler Farms for the fourth delivery of Seed N Feed.

Kelly Wheeler, a local farmer, says the steading has been here a long time.

"1908 is when my great grandfather moved here so, from 1908 till now so about 100 years."

The farm is located just south of town, and they make use of about 5,500 acres.

"I went to university in Edmonton to the University of Alberta, and then I came back. When I was 22 and been grinding it on the farm since then" Wheeler said. 

Wheeler says they are planting a whole bunch of things.

"We're doing canola today and we're down to our last day of canola, we're just getting ready to switch over to seeding peas." 

The Wheeler family started seeding back in April. 

Congratulations on your pizza party from Boston Pizza. A big thank you as well to Strathmore Flooring and Jay's Mechanical for sponsoring our fourth Seed N Feed delivery.

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