To kick off the week, I visited Hilton Farms for our Seed N Feed delivery.

Spencer Hilton, who's a part of Hilton Farms, says seeding has been going well.

"It's been going good; I really look forward to the emergence of the plants."

Hilton Farms has a big crew with over ten people working all day in multiple fields.

"We'll be doing just over 17,000 acres this year," added Hilton.

The farmer explains what the organization has been planting.

"We're planting hard red spring wheat, and our main crops are wheat for milling, for bread, malt, and barley for beer making."

Congrats to Hilton Farms and thank you for all the hard work you do!

Our third Seed N Feed delivery was sponsored by Strathmore Motor Products and Connect First Credit Union.

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