Seed 'n Feed powered by JMR Mechanical made its middle of the week stop to visit the hard-working crew at Poplar Bluff Organics with a free pizza lunch from Mike's Bar and Grill in Strathmore

When the team at 104.5 More Country caught up with them they were busy seeding, loading, sorting, and packing carrots and potatoes on their 300 acres of farmland.

We spoke with Owner Rosemary Wotske who has been at the helm for over 35 years and is no stranger to this busy lifestyle. 

“Well, the farming operation is year-round, so we don't really have any downtime. For example, last year we put in 800,000 pounds of potatoes and that will keep us going until August when the new crop starts to come on. So we are washing and packing and shipping every week. And if that wasn't busy enough, we are starting a Distillery.”

In addition to operating Poplar Bluff, Rosemary partners with Carrots by Cam who unsurprisingly helps with planting carrots and potatoes

The start of this seeding season also saw the Poplar Bluff crew deal with three equipment breakdowns, which Rosemary described as ‘normal’ 

Today’s delivery was sponsored by DMM Energy who were more than happy to join our team on this delivery.

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